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Arrest in Attacks on Turkish Targets Los Angeles Times
The indictment of Mourad Topalian, 56, by the U.S. attorney in Cleveland also mentions two California bombings but does not say if he was involved. A June 1981 blast at the Anaheim Convention Center blew out the doors and windows during a Turkish folk ...
Correctional officer to stand trial for 1998 cold case conspiracy murder of his wife in Anaheim Orange County Breeze
He is a fugitive with a no-bail warrant for his arrest. Espinoza is ... are accused of following Nuzzio Begaren and the victim in their car. Nuzzio Begaren is accused of exiting California State Route 91 in Anaheim and then attempting to re-enter the ...
Samuel Oscar Montes Indicted for g.f. Nicole Gutierrez's Murder in Front of Their Wee Kids Orange County Weekly
A neighbor who heard the gunshot called 9-1-1, which led to an Anaheim Police Department homicide investigation and the arrest of Montes ... His arraignment on the indictment is scheduled Friday morning in Santa Ana.
Suspect indicted in Anaheim man's slaying Orange County Register
COURTESY OF ALAM FAMILY A Florida resident accused of shooting and killing an Anaheim businessman outside ... He was released on bail and placed under house arrest. He was detained again after the grand jury's indictment on Feb. 26. Fuller was freed ...
Ocampo indicted in OC homeless killings Long Beach Press-Telegram
Ocampo's attorney, Randall Longwith, said the indictment doesn't make much difference as far ... Eight days later, the body of Lloyd Jim Middaugh, 42, turned up on Anaheim's Santa Ana River Trail. Paulus Cornelius Dutch Smit, 57, was found dead behind ...
Can Imperfect Crime Victims Get Justice? The Root
While the outrage and sustained protest over his killing resulted in an indictment and has ... The July 24 killing of 25-year-old Manuel Diaz, killed by police in Anaheim, Calif., as he allegedly fled, is an instance of unchecked police brutality.
South Jordan Credit Union Bank Robber Arrested FBI
Fuhrman, Chief Lindsay Shepherd of the South Jordan Police Department and Chief John Welter, of the Anaheim, California Police Department announced that: This afternoon, Curtis Brad Cordery was arrested pursuant to a federal indictment charging him with ...
Results tagged “Police Shootings” Color Lines News For Action
Pineda, 19, told his story to Fox News: Then, a group of plain-clothes officers from the Anaheim Police Department's anti-gang unit emerged from an unmarked van behind him, ready to arrest him ... Johannes Mehserle's murder indictment in 2009 for the ...
District News Roundup Education Week
Mr. Mitchell, who has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, and resisting arrest, is being held in police custody until a grand jury returns an indictment. A 15-year-old boy faces attempted homicide charges after taking an Anaheim, Calif.,
Topic matches for department of corrections Fish Wrap
He remained in Utah state prison until he was handed over to U.S. marshals on Friday, said Utah Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke ... was found March 14 on a conveyor belt at an Anaheim trash-sorting plant. GPS monitors are supposed to deter ...